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2016 Saladin News Publishing Schedule

The Saladin News publishing schedule for the remainder of 2016 is available below.  A three year schedule will soon be available.

Please send submissions or questions to


Issue 3 – Summer Saladin News

Articles Due 5/25

Start Printing 6/2

News Delivered to Mailhouse 6/7

News Tentatively enters Mailstream 6/10

News Tentatively Delivered by Post Office 6/15


Issue 4 – Fall Saladin News

Articles Due 8/8

Start Printing 8/16

News Delivered to Mailhouse 8/23

News Tentatively enters Mailstream 8/26

News Tentatively Delivered by Post Office 9/1


Issue 1 – 2017 Kickoff Saladin News

Articles Due 12/2

Start Printing 12/11

News Delivered to Mailhouse 12/15

News Tentatively enters Mailstream 12/19

News Tentatively Delivered by Post Office 12/28


NOTE – Delivery of bulk mail can take between a few days and a few weeks.  Delivery dates are not guaranteed.


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