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From the Recorder – Sept 28, 2015

We are working towards a re-launch of the Saladin Shriners website. I’m hoping to have it online by the end of this week. I would like to thank everyone for their kind words of congratulation over my election as a Trustee for Shriners Hospitals for Children. It is a great opportunity to be able to help our Shriner patients on a national level.

Several other items of interest happened at our imperial Session. The following is a report of the actions at the Session held July 6 to July 9, 2015.

1) 211.5 Amend Per Capita Tax to $30 (currently $15). 721 votes cast (2/3 required to pass or 481). 202 No – 519 Yes. Motion passed.

2) 211.5 Amend Per Capita Tax to $20.00 for 2016, $25.00 for 2017, ans $30.00 for 2018. Withdrawn.

3) 211.2 & 211.3 would increase fee for Temple dispensation from $100.00 to $1,000.00 and for Temple charter from $50.00 to $1,500.00. Passed.

4) 323.5 would add Moslah Shriners to the list of temples that may elect members based on written ballot if candidate receives 51% of the votes. Passed.

5) 323.5 would add Saladin Shriners to the list of temples that may elect members based on a written ballot if candidates receive 51% of the votes. Passed.

6) 324.1 Stated Meetings: The Imperial Potentate would have authority to grant a special dispensation to change the location of a temple’s annual meeting. Passed.

7) 324.1 Stated Meetings: The Imperial Potentate would have authority to grant a special dispensation for a temple to allow participation in any meeting electronically. Passed.

8) 327.4 Treasurer: The Treasurer would have the duty to either complete or arrange for completion of all financial documentation required to be filed by the temple. Passed.

9) 328.4 Initiation Waivers: When a shrine temple receives a request for a waiver of jurisdiction from another shrine temple to initiate a candidate, it would be incumbent on that shrine temple to act upon that waiver at their next stated meeting. Failure to do such would automatically grant such a waiver to the requesting temple. Passed.

10) 328.7 Affiliation by Demit: A Noble holding a demit could affiliate with a temple within the jurisdiction of which he is and for at least 6 months, has been an actual resident or with the temple nearest to his actual place of residence. Passed.

11 thru 16) Were jurisdictional amendments. 11 & 15 were withdrawn. 12, 14, and 16 Passed. 13 Failed.

17 thru 20) Were charter locations for Temples (Aladdin, Salaam, El Kahir, and Zurah). All Passed.

21) Hikmat Shriners, Brazil shall be granted a charter. Passed.

22) Colorado Corporation (Hospitals): Request that the committee formed in 2012 to investigate and report on activities conducted for the presumed benefit of Shriners Hospitals for Children and was extended in 2014 to be continued for 2015-2016 and forward as the “Oversight Committee.” Passed.

23) James E. “Ed” Stolze, Jr. of El Zaribah Shriners, Phoenix, AZ, was elected as Imperial Outer Guard.

24) Joseph Savaglio – Imperial Captain of the Guard – resigned effective immediately. The office will remain vacant until the 2016 Imperial Session.

25) Brandt Bede M.D. of Afifi Shriners, and Rick Williams of Saladin Shriners, were elected Trustees of Shriners Hospitals for Children.

26) Chairman of Shriners Hospitals for Children: In the race between Imperial Sir Doug Maxwell and Imperial Sir Dale Stauss 987 votes were cast (494 votes were required for election), Stauss receive 500, Maxwell received 487. Dale Stauss won by 13 votes.

27) It was announced that the 2020 Imperial Session will be July 6 thru July 9 in Kansas City, MI.

28) Future Imperial Sessions are: 2016 Tampa, FL – July 3 thru July 7; 2017 Daytona, FL – July 9 thru July 13; 2018 Daytona, FL – July 15 thru July 19; Nashville, TN – June 30 thru July 4.

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