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Temple publishes three year calendar

The Board of Directors of Saladin Shrienrs have published a three year calendar for Saladin Shriners.  The Divan hopes this will assist Clubs and Nobles in planning their calendars.

The Dates have been entered into the Temple’s google Calendar available here.

They are also listed below.  Please contact the Temple office if you have any questions.

Saladin Three-Year Planning Calendar (2016, 2017, 2018)


January 9th – Annual Meeting and Officer Installation

February 13th – Valentine’s Dinner and Party

March 10th – 13th – Grand Rapids Circus

March 19th – Circus Appreciation Breakfast

March 19th – Stated Meeting

April 16th – Potentate’s Ball

May 14th – Spring Ceremonial

June 11th – Stated Meeting

July 3rd – 7th – Imperial Session – Tampa, FL

July 23rd – Stated Meeting

September 7th-10th – GLSA – Indianapolis, IN

October 1st – Fall Ceremonial

December 10th – Temple Elections



January 7th – Annual Meeting and Officer Installation

February 11th – Valentine’s Dinner and Party

March 9th -12th – Grand Rapids Circus

March 25th – Stated Meeting

April 29th – Spring Ceremonial

May 13th – Stated Meeting

July 9th – July 13th – Imperial Session – Daytona

July 15th – Potentate’s River Cruise (one day)

September 23rd – Stated Meeting

October 21st – Fall Ceremonial

November 11th – Potentate’s Ball

December 2nd – Temple Elections



January 6th – Annual Meeting and Officer Installation

February 10th – Valentine’s Dinner and Party

February 24th – Stated Meeting

March 8th – 11th – Grand Rapids Circus

March 24th – Circus Appreciation Event

April 14th – Spring Ceremonial

May 5th – Stated Meeting and BBQ

June 16th – Lake Michigan Potentate’s Event

July 15th – 19th – Imperial Session – Daytona

September 19th – 23rd – GLSA – Grand Rapids

September 22nd – Stated Meeting

October 20th – Fall Ceremonial

November 10th – Potentate’s Ball

December 1st – Temple Elections

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