High Priest Looking Forward to Circus

Greetings Nobles,
            Had a great time at the Blossomtime Festival in Saint Joseph. I am looking forward to a lot of the other parades this year, hoping to see a lot of you at various activities going on this year. This year seems to be going by really quick. Went to the circuses for Moslem and Elf Khurafeh this year again had a great time, some of the clowns at the other temples have said they might be coming for our circus this year. The selling of tickets for the gun raffle for Moslem is going on get some tickets and earn some money for your Club/Unit, this will be a great way to get ready to sell the tickets for our own gun raffle this next spring.
Lady Kathy and I hope you have a great summer.

-Pat Rajewski, High Priest and Prophet

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