From Chief Rabban Dale Kramer

Greetings from the North Pole, oops wait were still in Grand Rapids!

The 2019 Shrine year is off and running, our installation was a great day from start to finish. It was great to see so many Nobles and Past Potentates at the temple to make it a success. At the time of this writing the Valentine day dinner is a week off, I am sure it is going to be great considering it has been sold out for a couple of months. Rumor has it that we will be taking reservations for the 2020 Valentine soon. At our March social we should have sign up sheets for 2019 events, I encourage everyone to sign up. This will help the Divan plan and deliver the highest quality events, which we all deserve.

This past January Lady Carol and I attended the East – West Shrine Game and related festivities, and then vacationed with about 400 other Shriners from around the country on the Imperial Potentates Carrabin Cruise. What a great time we had. Start thinking about 2020 and taking a vacation like this. I didn’t catch the final score of the game (West did win, I think) but what a good time, there was great food, beverages and lots of fund raising for our philanthropy. Best of all it was warm and sunny! Sign up for the 2020 Imperial cruise should open in July at the Imperial Session in Nashville, another great Shrine event to attend.

Between our clubs and units, Temple regional and Imperial events there is hardly a weekend without a Shrine event. Get involved, have fun and help our kids.

I am looking forward to serving as your Chief Rabban, our Potentate, Illustrious Harry Jones has a great year planned out, be sure to show up and find out.


Dale Kramer
Chief Rabban

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