Busy 2018 Has Kept the Oriental Guide on the Road

Greetings Nobles,
I enjoyed hosting the February Friday night social. I hope more and more people plan to come to these events, as they are a great time to get together and talk with one another about how each other is doing and to come up with ideas of what we would like to accomplish in the upcoming year. I had a lot of fun making the chili, cornbread, hotdogs and polish sausages with Jeff Gooder. Everyone who came I believe had a great time. I had to miss circus this year because my Lady and I are were in Florida for Oriental Guide training March 7th-11th. I enjoyed visiting the Moslem circus in Novi in April as well as the Saladin Spring Ceremonial Session on April 14th. On May 13th I am planning on going to the circus for Ahmed in Sault Ste. Marie. I am hoping to try and start going to more Shriner club meetings around Northern Michigan in the next 2 months, then start going to some farther south after that. Also, I am hoping to try and get to every club this year for at least one meeting. I am planning on being in a lot of parades this year. Haven’t decided which ones I can make yet. I know I am going to be at the Charlevoix Venetian Parade, Traverse City Cherry Festival, Manton, Pawpaw and others I haven’t planned yet. It is all about having fun and raising money for the kids. The more people that see us having fun the more likely they will ask if they can join the Shriners or want to know more about it.

Fraternally yours,
Patrick Rajewski
Oriental Guide

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