Assistant Rabban Seeks More Participation and Support

Greetings Nobles,

When you read this I hope that winter 2018 is in the books and we are starting to defrost and get out and about!
Well how about that Valentine dinner? If you were one of the 77 who attended I think you would agree that our Illustrious Potentate knocked it out of the park. This is just the start of a great year ahead. Like so many organizations YOU get out what you put in and when you participate. Our primary mission is to support our hospital system and the kids, I believe our clubs and units do a great job. Clubs and units are made up of Saladin Nobles, who all operate under the charter of Saladin Shrine. What we need is more participation and support in Temple events and funds so we can continue to put on great events. Consider making a club/ unit or individual contribution to the Temple. Your money will be well spent, better yet come and participate and see for yourselves.

We also need new members, share our story, don’t keep it a secret. I challenge every one to recruit for your blue lodge and then into the Shrine.

I am committed R U ?

Looking forward to a year of fun and service.


Dale Kramer
Assistant Rabban

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