High Priest Wants to See Fellowships Grow

Since we moved to the Grand Rapids Masonic Temple, we’ve maintained a tradition of having Friday night Fellowships. In the beginning these events we held almost every Friday. That became a little bit of a cumbersome task and in the second year of doing them the Temple shifted to a monthly Friday fellowship on the first Friday of each month. The Divan also committed to sharing the responsibility of these events and serving as a rotating host to the Shriners and their ladies who gather each first Friday. In 2017 we put a great deal of effort into developing these events both in quality and in having specific theme around which a food and beverage menu could be developed. We had a Cinco de Mayo Party, a College Game Day style tailgate party, and the Recorder even had an ‘old-timey takeover’ party complete with silent film reels, ragtime music, and old school cocktails and food.

I want to see us take the Friday fellowships to another level in 2018. We’ve set a base for the quality of our fellowship events. Now its up to the Divan and Chief Aide to surprise you more. I’m responsible for the May 4th fellowship and I’m throwing down the gauntlet to the Divan to make this an even bigger and better year. We need the membership to come out and judge for themselves. See you at the First Fridays this year (especially May 4th)!

Jeff Gooder
High Priest and Prophet
Saladin Shriners

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