Chief Rabban Honors the Past and Embraces the Future

As 2018 begins, my Lady Lyn and I express our appreciation to all the clubs who have so graciously hosted us at their events the past year. Most recently we enjoyed the Red Fez event with the Berrien County Club and the Muskegon Shrine dinner meeting. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you better.

2017 was a year of growth of new members. Congratulations to those of you who sponsored new nobles this year. You are an inspiration to the Shrine. It is great to see the increased attendance at our Stated Meetings, mini ceremonials and other functions. Let’s keep up the good work. Encourage your fellow nobles to become more active. Our Potentate’s Ball, “A Night with Frank” was a huge success. I’m looking forward to Jon Duley topping that in 2018. If you haven’t attended our Friday Night Socials, you will want to put them on your agenda in 2018. They have been hugely successful with over 60 attending the last party hosted by our Oriental Guide Jeff Gooder.

Fellow nobles, in the coming year, ask not what your Temple can do for you but what you can do for your Temple. I know this is corny going back to that old JFK speech of the early 1960’s, but our fraternity is just that, “Our Fraternity.” It will only be as successful as we make it. Some of you have expressed your disappointment about the direction of Saladin in the past few years. These decisions were a result of our decreased membership and participation. Let’s join our Divan members and work to reverse this. Let’s make 2018 a year of membership growth and increased participation. Encourage your fellow nobles to get re-engaged in your local clubs and attend Saladin functions. 2018 promises to be a great year at Saladin.

Harry Jones
Chief Rabban
Saladin Shriners

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