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Battle Creek Shrine Club Nut Sales Fundraising!

The NUTS are fresh off the truck, crunchy as ever and ready for purchase!

Price per bag are as follows:

Cashews and Walnuts are $9.00 for a 12oz. bag

Pecan Halves & Pecan Pieces are $11.00 for a 16oz. bag

You can call Rodger Hough (269-908-3837) or Jym Garman (269-579-4408) to arrange your order and pick them up.

We would appreciate it if you would pay for the nuts when you pick them up. If you wish not to, we will still issue nuts to sell at any time.

In order to keep records straight, the nuts you take to sell are your financial responsibility. No returns after December 1st, 2015. If you give nuts to someone else to sell, you are still responsible.

Your support and selling efforts will be greatly appreciated during the next two months…. so let’s have a great NUT SALE!! Thank you!!

Source: Post card from Battle Creek Shrine Club.

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