From the Potentate…

From the Potentate…

Greetings Nobles,

Summer is behind us and the parade season is coming to an end. It is a great time to visit a Blue Lodge and keep your eye out for any potential new Shrine candidates. The black camel has continued to come and take too many fine Nobles on their final trip across the hot sands of the desert to the celestial Oasis. They will be missed but certainly not forgotten. Much has changed since I first was elected to become an officer in the Saladin Divan. Change is never easy and only time will tell if any particular change will result in a positive outcome. However, change is as inevitable as death and taxes. Hopefully it is a little more fun. Our organization both on a local level and a national level, has continued to shrink. If success is only defined by membership numbers, we would be judged as a failure. However, membership numbers alone do not determine the capability and the success of an organization. Having a member that places value and importance in being a Shriner is far more valuable than having twice as many members that are ‘members’ in name only. The way Nobles place value and importance on the Shrine can take on many different forms. Each member has their own way they see the fraternity and their own way of being involved. Each is important and vital to Saladin’s success. The long term trend of shrinking fraternal organizations, both Masonic and non-Masonic, will not likely be reversed. However, if we offer opportunities and an experience to our members and potential members that they value, we will remain a strong and successful organization. The secret to the success of the Shrine over the years is simple. We need to have fun with our fellow Nobles, make a positive impact on the community with our philanthropy and enjoy the fellowship that can only come with being a Shriner. To all Nobles of Saladin Shriners, thank you for being a Shriner and for each and every way you value being a member and for the importance you place on being part of our great fraternity. Illustrious Sir Jonathan D. Clifford Potentate Saladin Shrine

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